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Since its inception (1992), Air World has being putting in its humble efforts and energies to bring out the truth, appreciating the good and the efforts being made by the organizations and individuals and uncovering the hidden movements that may plague the air world of Pakistan and that may be eating into our aviation industry.

We have no inhibitions in revealing the comments, arguments, appreciations, contradictions, criticizing and the blessings received from the authorities around the world include Pakistan. However, our efforts solely directed towards ensuring the strength of our reporting so that we remain true, unbiased and thus the leaders of the air world of Pakistan.

Serving over thousands of professionals in the worldwide, Air World is amongst the only leading an award-winning Aviation magazine of Pakistan providing information and services to the global commercial, defense, maintenance/repair/overhaul (MRO), general aviation, commercial aviation and business aviation communities and plays a vital role in connecting industry professionals worldwide. Air World is amongst the only regular complete aviation/ aerospace magazine of Pakistan which is being mailed to the qualified readers every month not across Pakistan but in more industry segments internationally in South East Asia, Asia Sub Continent, Middle East and having a more selective clientele in the Central Europe and in the United States and Canada. Moreover, besides Pakistani aviation markets AIR WORLD is the only recognized aviation magazine of Pakistan in which several foreign renowned leading aerospace companies/aircraft manufacturers’ in particular from United States like Boeing, Aventure Aviation and International Aero Engines (IAE) etc: from Europe; ATR, CFM engines, Pilatus Britten Norman, Airbus Industrie and few others being advertised their respective products and services during the past couple of years.


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