With an almost reach of over thousands executives and professionals and manufacturers worldwide, commercial airlines, travel & trade industry of Pakistan, hospitality industry, multinational companies, frequent travelers’, armed forces and government ministries/ agencies, AIR WORLD provides sellers with numerous opportunities to connect with their target audiences.


Colour Separations/Film Positives Or Creative/Design on PDF File via e-mail


Strip Ad (Front Cover) – Size 17cm*2.5cm:                           US $450

Ordinary Full Page B/W:                                                                 US $600

Ordinary Position Half Page B/W:                                              US $450

Ordinary Half Page 4 – Color:                                                       US $800

Ordinary Full Page 4 – Color:                                                         US $1650

Inside Front Cover 4 – Color:                                                         US $2550

Back Inside Cover 4 – Color:                                                           US $1850

Back Cover 4 – Color:                                                                        US $2950

Double Spread 4 – Color:                                                                  US $4200

Bleed 10% extra…


Color Advertisements: Booking & Cancellation two weeks prior to the month of publication.

*Advertisements cancelled after the expiry of deadline will be charged at full rate.

*Rates subject to change without notice and may applicable for all countries including Pakistan.


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